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Associate Business Process Analyst

  • Trabajo tipoTrabajo tipo : Presencial
  • Duración del trabajoNo especificar
  • Project LevelNivel medio
  • Project deadlineTerminado

Detalle del proyecto

Aci Worldwide selecciona un Associate Business Process Analyst:

Assists with the implementation of process improvement initiatives (such as Six Sigma). Diagrams existing processes. Helps to organize and facilitates cross-functional project teams. Assist with metrics that provide data for process measurement, identifying indicators for future improvement opportunities. Collect data to identify root cause of problems. Measure performance against process requirements. Suggest improvement ideas to performance shortfalls. May assist in developing, delivering presentations and training courses including measurement, analysis, improvement and control. Surveys and analyzes best practices for techniques and processes. Communicate team progress.

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Fecha límite de finalización del proyecto

April 16, 2021